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Ted Talks;  This site is not a photography site, although they have 58 videos where photography is a core part of the theme. This is the most thoughtful site I know of and of great inspiration to me, photographically and otherwise.

Ted Talks

  • Mon, 22 Jan 2018 15:56:34 +0000

    An economic case for protecting the planet | Naoko Ishii
    We all share one planet -- we breathe the same air, drink the same water and depend on the same oceans, forests and biodiversity. Economist Naoko Ishii is on a mission to protect these shared resources, known as the global commons, that are vital for our survival. In an eye-opening talk about the wellness of the planet, Ishii outlines four economic systems we need to change to safeguard the global commons, making the case for a new kind of social contract with the earth.
  • Fri, 19 Jan 2018 21:00:40 +0000

    What comes after tragedy? Forgiveness | Azim Khamisa and Ples Felix
    On one awful night in 1995, Ples Felix's 14-year-old grandson murdered Azim Khamisa's son in a gang initiation fueled by drugs, alcohol and a false sense of belonging. The deadly encounter sent Khamisa and Felix down paths of deep meditation, to forgive and to be forgiven -- and in an act of bravery and reconciliation, the two men met and forged a lasting bond. Together, they've used their story as an outline for a better, more merciful society, where victims of tragedy can grow and heal. Prepare to be moved by their unimaginable story. "Peace is possible," Khamisa says. "How do I know that? Because I am at peace."
  • Fri, 19 Jan 2018 15:52:00 +0000

    Want to change the world? Start by being brave enough to care | Cleo Wade
    Artist and poet Cleo Wade recites a moving poem about being an advocate for love and acceptance in a time when both seem in short supply. Woven between stories of people at the beginning and end of their lives, she shares some truths about growing up (and speaking up) and reflects on the wisdom of a life well-lived, leaving us with a simple yet enduring takeaway: be good to yourself, be good to others, be good to the earth. "The world will say to you, 'Be a better person,'" Wade says. "Do not be afraid to say, 'Yes.'"

Lenscratch;  This site is all over the place photographically. Aline Smithson must be super human. I don't know how one person can curate so much great content. I come here for inspiration and for reference when I am starting out on a new project.


  • Mon, 22 Jan 2018 11:06:19 +0000

    Nina Berman: An Autobiography of Miss Wish
    Miss Wish coverEvery once in awhile, a book lands on my desk unexpectedly, so I approach it with no preconceived notions. When I opened Nina Berman’s An Autobiography of Miss Wish, published by Kehrer, it was like a burst of energy, a fireball of amazing story telling, page after page that drew me in. And the deeper
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